WhereIsStarman.xyz - Where is SpaceX Starman?

SpaceX - where did you send that red Tesla Roadster and Starman? Falcon Heavy liftout from Cape Canaveral was awesome! February 6, 2018 will go down in human history! DON'T PANIC!

Sighting 2018-02-08 14:52 UT, via T27 - YouTube video
ProjectPluto data on 2018-017A - Starman in the Tesla!

Starman, remember, SPEED LIMIT 299,792,458 metres per second!!

The Tesla Roadster (2,800lbs) is almost three times the weight of New Horizons (1,054lbs; NASA launched on Jan. 19, 2006 ) and almost 1,000lbs heavier than Curiosity (1982lbs).

Was the third burn witnessed? Yes!
Was on my night run, I look up and, oh hey #FalconHeavy third burn! And so long #Starman 🚀✨ photo
Rocket launch over Los Angeles just now??? photo
@planet4589 I saw this from Santa Barbara. photo
@planet4589 @omcintyre Saw it from Claremont, California! photo
@astroengine @elakdawalla Also seen over Las Cruces, NM! photo

Going to run into asteroids?
Unlike the famous Arizona Myth this rocket-pushed car is real ;)
Arch Mission Foundation Announces Our Payload On SpaceX Falcon Heavy!

Falcon Starman the driver!